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Bhushan textbook on "Bioinspired Water Harvesting, Purification, and Oil-Water Separation" published by Springer

Bharat Bhushan at TEDx talk at The Ohio State UniversityBharat Bhushan at TEDx talk at The Ohio State University ( first edition of a book authored by Ohio Eminent Scholar and The Howard D. Winbigler Professor of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Bharat Bhushan has been published by Springer. The textbook, titled Bioinspired Water Harvesting, Purification, and Oil-Water Separation, includes chapters dealing with pressing societal concerns such as clean water scarcity for a large fraction of the global population, bioinspired water harvesting from fog and condensation, water purification and oil-water separation techniques, and various designs for water harvesting towers and projections for water collection.

Bhushan reports that the book, which released in Jan. 2020, can be used in one-semester courses on biomimetics, supply and management, and environmental engineering. The book can also be used by novices as well as experts in the field, practitioners and solution seekers. Applications should help in advancement of the field.

For a complete description of the book, please visit the Springer website for more information.