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Student Forms

Course Enrollment Permission Form - This form is used when pursuing enrollment in a class for which you need instructor permission (waive requisites, enroll in a full class, time conflict with another class, etc.). 

Drop / Withdrawal Petition - Students must work with their academic advisor to complete any requests for a late withdrawal petition. This form is used when petitioning to withdraw from classes after the final drop deadline has passed, or when petitioning to change the effective date of a course you have already dropped. Only approved for extenuating circumstances. Review petition for more information.

Grade Forgiveness Petition - This online form is used when petitioning to apply grade forgiveness to a first attempt. The petition should be submitted when students are completing the second attempt of the course.

Late Course Add Petition - This form is used when petitioning to enroll in a class after the add deadline has passed. Students will need permission from both the instructor and the department chair of the course they are requesting to add. Additional information can be found in the petition. 

MAE Undergraduate Studies Committee Petition - This online form is used when seeking to petition the Undergraduate Studies Committee to waive or substitute a curricular requirement. 

Over 18 Hour Petition - This form is used when petitioning to enroll in more than 18 credit hours during a semester.  

Petition to Receive Undergraduate Credit for Graduate-Level Course - This is petition is used when attempting to enroll in a graduate-level course and apply the course credit toward an undergraduate degree. This course cannot be later applied to any graduate degrees.

Petition for Reinstatement - This form is used when petitioning for reinstatement after a dismissal from a department, the College of Engineering, or The Ohio State University. Students should submit the Petition for Reinstatement to the program they wish to pursue, not necessarily the program from which they were dismissed. For example, students who were dismissed from OSU while in the College of Business who now want to pursue a specific degree in the College of Engineering should submit a Petition for Reinstatement to the degree program in the College of Engineering.

Technical Elective Course Petition - This online form is used when petitioning for a curricular exception to Technical Elective requirements.

Student Handbook

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