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Nuclear Engineering Minor

The nuclear industry expanded rapidly in the 1960s and early 1970s and during that time hired thousands of engineers and scientists. Those people are now approaching retirement age, and the nuclear industry needs to replace them. Electric utilities, national laboratories and government regulatory agencies need both nuclear engineers and scientists and engineers in other fields who also have some knowledge of nuclear technology. Because so many senior people are retiring, there will be many opportunities for rapid advancement in the nuclear industry over the next several years. Ohio State now offers an undergraduate minor in Nuclear Engineering to provide students with the knowledge and skills they will need for many entry-level positions in the nuclear industry. 

The undergraduate Minor in Nuclear Engineering requires 2 core courses and a minimum of 6 credit hours of additional courses selected from a list of options for a total of 12 credit hours. For more informaton about the Nuclear Minor, please visit

The courses offered in the Nuclear Engineering minor are:


Course# Course Description Credit Hours Semester Offered
NE 4505 Nuclear Science and Engineering 3 Autumn and Spring
NE 4536 Nuclear Reactor System 3 Spring

Options (select a minimum of 6 credit hours from the following courses)

Course# Course Description Credit Hours Semester Offered
NE 4506 Undergraduate Nuclear Engineering Laboratory 3 Autumn
NE 4701 Introduction to Nuclear Power Engineering 3 Autumn
NE 5606 Radiation Protection and Shielding 3 Autumn and Spring
NE 5610 Reactor Safety 3 Spring
NE 5735 Nuclear Power Plant Operations 3 Spring
NE 5742 Nuclear Radiations and Their Measurements  3 Spring
NE 5776 Radioactive Waste Management/Nuclear Fuel Cycles  3 Autumn 

Registering for the Nuclear Engineering Minor Program
If you are interested in pursuing the undergraduate minor in Nuclear Engineering, simply complete the NE Minor Application Form
Be sure to list the Nuclear Engineering courses you plan to take and the semester and year in which you plan to take them. The Minor Program Form is not binding and does not commit you to taking the courses in the semester you indicate. It simply informs us that you plan to participate in the Nuclear Engineering Minor program.
After you complete the Minor Program Form, please submit it to Professor Vaibhav Sinha. If you have questions about the Minor in Nuclear Engineering, please contact Professor Sinha at or 614-292-3571. Once Dr. Sinha's has signed off on your Minor form, you should return a completed copy to your undergraduate academic advisor so the minor can officially be added to your record.

Last updated: November 2018