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Undergraduate Research

Undergraduate Research

Ohio State is a leading research institution, with outstanding faculty and opportunities for students to be engaged with research at a number of different levels. Consider getting involved with research to build connections with faculty, to develop stronger analytical and problem-solving skills, to become an expert in a topic, or to prepare for a graduate or professional program. 

Why pursue undergraduate research?

  • It is an opportunity to go beyond coursework experiences and establish practical skills to tackle engineering problems.
  • It is an opportunity to explore a specialization of your interest in mechanical and aerospace engineering.
  • You distinguish yourself from your peers, a significant factor recognized in pursuing a job.
  • Being involved with research as an undergraduate is an excellent way to help prepare you for graduate school.
  • It can be a rewarding and fun experience to meet peers with similar technical interests!

Finding a Research Advisor

Undergraduate research is one of the opportunities that students can pursue to complement their coursework and differentiate themselves as they build up a range of technical experiences to prepare for a future profession. 

How to Find Undergraduate Research/Honors Opportunities

  • Speak with faculty about your interest in undergraduate research!
  • Which instructors have you enjoyed learning from? What classes did you find interesting? These instructors may already have research projects defined that would be appropriate for undergraduate work. 
  • Is there a topic in which you've developed an interest? If so, you could propose a research idea to a faculty member associated with your area of interest.
  • Students who have been admitted to the Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering majors have access to a Carmen webpage which includes a wide range of information regarding current undergraduate research opportunities and faculty looking for student matches.