Research Labs and Centers

Research Centers

Research Lab Director
Aerodynamic Flow Control and Diagnostics Group Matt McCrink
Automated Computational Mechanics Laboratory Soheil Soghrati
Automated Driving Laboratory Levent Guvenc

Computational Aerodynamics and Flow Physics Laboratory

Lian Duan

Computational Combustion and Energy Laboratory

Seung Hyun Kim
Cyberbotics (Cyber-physical and Robotics System) Laboratory Ayonga Hereid
Design Innovation and Simulation Laboratory Haijun Su
Digital Design and Manufacturing Laboratory Jami Shah
Dynamic Mechanics of Materials Laboratory Amos Gilat
Energy Innovation Laboratory Jung-Hyun Kim
Flight Vehicle Design and Testing Group Cliff Whitfield
Flow, Engine, and Acoustics Research Laboratories Ahmet Selamet
Fluids and Thermal Analysis Laboratory Sandip Mazumder
Gas Dynamics and Turbulence Laboratory Mohammad Samimy
Gas Turbine Laboratory

Kiran D'Souza

Randall Mathison

Gear and Power Transmission Research Laboratory Ahmet Kahraman
High Fidelity Computational Multiphysics Laboratory Datta Gaitonde
Hoelzle Research Laboratory David Hoelzle
Hydro and Aero Energy Group Clarissa Belloni
Integral Attachment Program Anthony Luscher
Laboratory for Autonomy in Data-Driven and Complex Systems Mrinal Kumar
Materials at Extremes Calvin Stewart
Matrix and Microscopy Laboratory Gunjan Agarwal
Mesoscale Mechanics and Microstructures Laboratory Steve Niezgoda
Microsystems for Mechanobiology and Medicine Jonathan Song
Micro/Nano Multiphysical Dynamics Laboratory Hanna Cho
Microsystems and Nanosystems Laboratory Shaurya Prakash
Model-Based Design of Complex Systems Shawn Midlam-Mohler
Movement Laboratory Manoj Srinivasan
Multi-Physics Interactions Research Group Jack McNamara
Nanoengineering and Biodesign Laboratory Carlos Castro
Neuromuscular Biomechanics Laboratory Robert Siston
Non-Equilibrium Thermodynamics Laboratory (named for Michael A. Chaszeyka) Igor Adamovich
Nonlinear Dynamics and Vibration Laboratory Kiran D'Souza
Nuclear Analysis and Radiation Sensor Laboratory Lei (Raymond) Cao
Nuclear Computing Group Dean Wang
Nuclear Reactor Laboratory Lei (Raymond) Cao
Polymer and Soft Tissue Biomechanics Laboratory Rebecca Dupaix
Pratt & Whitney Center of Excellence for Gearbox Technology Ahmet Kahraman
Precision Measurement and Control Laboratory C.H. Menq
Smart Materials and Structures Laboratory Marcelo Dapino
Sutradhar Research Laboratory Alok Sutradhar
Thermal Materials Laboratory Joseph Heremans

Thermal Properties of Materials for Extreme Environments

Marat Khafizov
Theoretical and Applied Mechanics Laboratory Herman Shen
Turbine Aerothermodynamics Laboratory Jeffrey Bons
Turbulence and Combustion Research Laboratory Jeffrey Sutton

Ultrasonic Additive Manufacturing Center

Marcelo Dapino

Zhai Research Group

Shang Zhai