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Research Labs and Centers

Research Centers

Research Lab Director Location
Academic Center of Excellence in Instrumentation, Control, and Safety (ACE) Carol Smidts W382 Scott Lab
Acoustics and Dynamics Laboratory Rajendra Singh W198 Scott Lab
Aerodynamic Flow Control and Diagnostics Group James Gregory

2300 West Case Road
102 Bolz Hall

Applied Physics Lab Vish Subramaniam W485 Scott Lab
Automated Computational Mechanics Laboratory Soheil Soghrati W364 Scott Lab
Computational Combustion and Energy Laboratory Seung Hyun Kim  
Computational Fluid Dynamics Laboratory Sheng-Tao John Yu E505 Scott Lab
Computational Micro and Nanofluidics Laboratory Terrence Conlisk W498 Scott Lab
Design Innovation and Simulation Laboratory Haijun Su W194 Scott Lab
Distributed Engine Control and Simulation Laboratory Rama K. Yedavalli 335 Bolz Hall
Dynamic Mechanics of Materials Laboratory Amos Gilat W458 Scott Lab
ERC for Net Shape Manufacturing Taylan Altan 1314 Kinnear Rd
Experimental Mechanics of Materials Laboratory Mark Walter W460 Scott Lab
Flow, Engine, and Acoustics Research Laboratories Ahmet Selamet 930 Kinnear Road
Fluids And Thermal Analysis Laboratory Sandip Mazumder W277 Scott Lab
Gas Dynamics and Turbulence Laboratory Mohammad Samimy 2300 West Case Rd
Gas Turbine Laboratory Mike Dunn 2300 West Case Rd
Gear and Power Transmission Research Laboratory Ahmet Kahraman W074 Scott Lab
High Fidelity Computational Multiphysics Lab Datta Gaitonde E513 Scott Lab
Honda Laboratory for Interdisciplinary Design   W258 Scott Lab
Integral Attachment Program Anthony Luscher W182 Scott Lab
Integrated Material Systems Lab Vishnu Sundaresan E320 Scott Lab
Laboratory of Sound and Vibration Research Ryan L. Harne W498 Scott Lab
Microsystems for Mechanobiology and Medicine Jonathan Song W383 Scott Lab
Microsystems and Nanosystems Laboratory Shaurya Prakash W491 Scott Lab
Movement Laboratory Manoj Srinivasan W396 Scott Lab
Multi-Physics Interactions Research Group Jack McNamara 320D, 326, 334 Bolz Hall
Nanoengineering and Biodesign Laboratory Carlos Castro  
Nanoprobe Laboratory for Bio- and Nanotechnology and Biomimetics Bharat Bhushan W374 Scott Lab
Non-Equilibrium Thermodynamics Laboratory
(named for Michael A. Chaszeyka)
Igor Adamovich
William Rich
W478 Scott Lab
Nuclear Analysis and Radiation Sensor Laboratory (NARS) Lei (Raymond) Cao W468 W186
Neuromuscular Biomechanics Lab Robert Siston W398 Scott Lab 
Polymer and Soft Tissue Biomechanics Lab Rebecca Dupaix W184, W185 Scott Lab
Pratt & Whitney Center of Excellence for Gearbox Technology Ahmet Kahraman  
Precision Measurement and Control Laboratory C.H. Menq W091, W096, W098, and W383 Scott Lab
Smart Materials and Structures Lab  Marcelo Dapino W358 Scott Lab
Thermal Hydraulics Lab Xiaodong Sun W469 Scott Lab
Thermal Materials Lab Joseph Heremans W490 Scott Lab

Thermal Properties of Materials for Extreme Environments

Marat Khafizov W459 Scott Lab
Theoretical and Applied Mechanics Laboratory Herman Shen W188 Scott Lab
Turbulence and Combustion Research Laboratory Jeffrey Sutton W499 Scott Lab
Ultrasonic Additive Manufacturing Lab Marcelo Dapino W162E Scott Lab
Vehicle Systems and Control Laboratory Junmin Wang W198 Scott Lab