Celebrating Black Alumni

Recognizing the achievements of black scientists and engineers from the department of mechanical and aerospace engineering

Prof. Leroy Long, Assistant Professor of Engineering Fundamentals at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University

Leroy Long (MS Mechanical Engineering ‘11)

Dr. Leroy Long III is dedicated to educating the future generations of engineers. He is an assistant professor of engineering fundamental sat Embry-Riddle University, where he directs the Engineering, Arts & Sports Engagement (EASE) research team. Much of Dr. Long’s research focuses on social equity and racial justice, and the retention and career readiness of his students.

Dr. Long earned his Master’s in Mechanical Engineering at Ohio State. He also went on to earn his PhD in STEM Education with a focus on Engineering Education from the department of teaching and learning at Ohio State.

Dr. Long has led research funded by the NCAA to improve the well-being of the student-athlete through support of their career readiness. He has also served on two NSF advisory boards, and participated in NSF funded research to study factors that broaden minority student participation and Success in STEM fields. Dr. Long also took part in creating the Black In Engineering Organization, which provides Universities recommendations and resources for improving equity and fairness.

Dr. Long delivered the first presentation in a new seminar series that explores the greater impacts of mechanical and aerospace engineering. Find upcoming events in the "Societal Impacts of MAE" series here

Margaret Mkhosi

Margaret Mkhosi (MS Nuclear Engineering ’03, PHD Nuclear Engineering ’07)

Margaret holds the position of director at the Centre for Nuclear Safety & Security at South Africa’s National Nuclear Regulator.

She has an extraordinary story of rising from poverty in a remote South African village to obtaining a PhD in nuclear engineering at Ohio State. But she didn’t stop there: after her academic achievements, she returned home to lead nuclear safety programs and inspire the next generation.

Since graduation, Margaret’s accomplishments have included facilitating an interdisciplinary R&D program and developing and establishing an effective accident analysis unit for the National Nuclear Regulator. Her programs ensure a commitment to the health, safety and security of workers and complete care of the public and environment.

Margaret’s commitment to educational access led her to establish the Youth Technology Innovation Fund, as well as Charity at Home. She serves in Women in Nuclear Global and is a two-term president of Women in Nuclear South Africa.

Margaret graduated from the department with her master’s degree in nuclear engineering in 2003 and her PhD in the same in 2007. She also holds a master’s in physics from the University of North-West in South Africa and bachelor’s degrees in physics and education from University of Bophuthatswana in South Africa

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