Mechanical Engineering Capstone

Mechanical Engineering Capstone Sequence

The Capstone Sequence is the primary culminating project of the mechanical engineering curriculum. Students carry out a formal design experience that takes you from design requirements to idea/design generation and on through prototyping and testing. The sequence is intended to provide experience in the design process and bring together and reinforce skills obtained in the analysis, modeling and measurement of engineering systems.

Students also continue to refine communication and teamwork skills and be introduced to concepts in project management that will be utilized to successfully complete the capstone projects. The courses also touch on other important aspects of real-world engineering practice.

Students must complete the following prerequisites prior to beginning any capstone sequence: MECHENG 3360, MECHENG 3671, and MECHENG 3870. Students are also required to enroll in the co-requisite MECHENG 4510 in the same term as capstone. These prerequisites will be strictly enforced and exceptions will not be made. All students are also required to complete MECHENG 4870 (Multidisciplinary Mechanical Engineering Laboratory) regardless of the capstone option chosen.


MAE Capstone Survey

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