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Supported by the university's Technology Commercialization Office, work by the Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering faculty, researchers and students results in a number of patents each year.

The following are patents issued and pending. Patents pending are listed under the month filed, while patents issued are listed under the month issued. Patents may be searched online at

June 2018

Patent pending: 16/012,186
Charge Generating Devices and Methods uf Making Use Thereof
Cao, Lei

May 2018

Patent pending: 15/774,657
Non-Invasive Method for Detecting a Deadly Form of Malaria
Subramaniam, Vishwanath; Drew, Mark; Jones, Travis; Smith, Brad; West, Joseph

Continuous Ultrasonic Additive Manufacturing System
Dapino, Marcelo; Gingerich, Mark; Hahnlen, Ryan; Headings, Leon

April 2018

Multi-Functional Cancer Drug Delivery Nanodevice for Precision Medicine
Castro, Carlos; Byrd, John; Halley, Patrick; Lucas, Christopher

Electrically Triggered Rapid Exothermic Reaction in 3D Printed Ionomer Composites
Sundaresan, Vishnu Baba

March 2018

Patent pending: 15/760,095
Active Membrane with Controlled Ion Transport
Sundaresan, Vishnu Baba; Hery, Travis; Northcutt, Robert; Venugopal, Vinithra

Patent pending: 15/928,411
Creation of an Internal Cladding in Sapphire Optical Fiber by Reactor Irradiation
Blue, Thomas; Wilson, Brandon

Microfluidic Model of Bifurcating Blood Vessels for Assessing Angiogenesis and Vascular Function
Akbari, Ehsan; Prakash, Shaurya; Rangharajan, Kaushik Krishna; Song, Jonathan; Spychalski, Griffin

February 2018                                        

Patent issued: 9,885,031
A Galvanotaxis Assay for Quantitative Assessment of the Metastatic Potential of Cancer Cells
Subramaniam, Vishwanath; Ahirwar, Dinesh; Ganju, Ramesh; Nasser, Mohd; Sequin, Emily; West, Joseph

Patent pending: 15/896,199
New Cantilever Design for Measurement of Multi- Physical Properties using Atomic Force Microscopy
Cho, Han Na; Bergman, Lawrence A; Dharmasena, Sajith; Kim, Seok; Vakakis, Alexander F.

January 2018

Patent pending: 15/867,930    
Morphing Fender Skirt for a Steered Wheel
Chillara, Venkata Siva Chaithanya; Dapino, Marcelo; Gandhi, Umesh; Headings, Leon              

Patent pending: PCT/US1 8/14478  
A System and Method for Simultaneous Load Transfer and Speed Synchronization in Gear Shifts Involving Multiple Actively Controlled Clutches in Automatic Transmissions
Srinivasan, Krishnaswamy; Mishra, Kirti

A Novel Approach for Effective Suppression of Surge Instabilities in Turbomachine Compressors by Inlet Flow Restriction
Dehner, Richard; Miazgowicz, Keith; Selamet, Ahmet   

December 2017

Patent issued: 9,851,454
Detection Devices and Methods
Cao, Lei

Patent issued: 9,844,347
Electromagnetic System and Method
Subramaniam, Vishwanath; Jones, Travis; McFerran Brock, Jennifer; Sequin, Emily; Sun, Duxin; West, Joseph; Zou, Peng

November 2017

Variable characteristics fluidic oscillator and fluidic oscillator with three dimensional output jet and associated methods
Tomac, Mehmet; Gregory, James

October 2017

Patent issued: 9,777,265
A Non-Contact Method for Accelerating Wound Healing
Subramaniam, Vishwanath; Das Ghatak, Piya; Roy, Sashwati; Sen, Chandan; Sequin, Emily; West, Joseph

Inductive electric fields directionally hinder EGF-gradient promoted breast cancer motility in biomimetic microtracks
Garg, Ayush; Bushman, Sarah; Ferree, Jessica; Jones, Travis; Song, Jonathan; Subramaniam, Vishwanath

Nernst generators and Ettingshausen coolers in the absence of magnetic field using time-reversal symmetry-breaking Weyl semimetals
Heremans, Joseph; Felser, Claudia; Manna, Kaustuv; McCormick, Timothy; Trivedi, Nandini; Watzman, Sarah

Phase -Synchronized Fluidic Oscillator Array and Method
Tomac, Mehmet; Gregory, James

Patent pending: 15/798,032
Liquid-impregnated porous polypropylene surfaces for liquid repellency
Bhushan, Bharat; Brown, Philip

Antimicrobial wound care dressing
Prakash, Shaurya; Bennett, Molly; Jones, Travis; Sen, Chandan; Subramaniam, Vishwanath

September 2017

Method for Reducing Aerodynamic Drag on Tractor-Trailers
Prakash, Shaurya; Rangharajan, Kaushik Krishna; West, Joseph; Zezinka, Zachary

August 2017

Patent issued: 9,737,653
Selective Ultrafiltration Membranes for Renal Replacement Therapies
Conlisk, Terrence; Datta, Subhra; Fissell, William; Roy, Shuvo

Patent pending: 15/689095
UAM resistance spot weld joint transition for multimaterial automotive structures
Dapino, Marcelo

Patent pending: 15/549,101
Fabrication and Preparation of Structural Composites for Distributed Sensing and Structural Optimization
Sundaresan, Vishnu Baba

July 2017

Mechanically durable liquid-impregnated honeycomb surfaces
Bhushan, Bharat; Brown, Philip

June 2017

Variable stiffness robotic arm via layer jamming
Su, Haijun; Hurd, Carter; Pei, Xu

Charge generating devices and methods of making use thereof
Cao, Lei

May 2017

Patent pending: 15/592,789
An additive manufacturing device for biomaterials
Hoelzle, David; Simeunovic, Andrej

April 2017

Patent pending: 15/479,953
Hybrid structures for joining of metals and continuous fiber materials
Dapino, Marcelo; Detwiler, Duane; Gingerich, Mark; Hahnlen, Ryan; Headings, Leon; Scheidt, Matthew; Sheldon, Allen

Patent pending: 15/518,172
Intubation With Audiovibratory Guidance
Bailey, Robert; Elsayed-Awad, Hamdy; West, Joseph

March 2017

Gas chromatology TCD hydrogen calibration valve

Creation of an internal cladding sapphire optical fiber by reactor irradiation
Blue, Thomas; Wilson, Brandon

Designs and manufacturing methods for lightweight hyperdamping materials providing large attenuation of broadband-frequency structure-borne sound
Harne, Ryan

Folded Transducer Array for Compact and Deployable Wave-Energy Guiding System
Harne, Ryan

January 2017

A system and method for simultaneous load transfer and speed synchronization in gear shifts involving multiple actively controlled clutches in automatic transmissions

November 2016

Patent pending: PCT/US2 016/061019
Non-Invasive Method for Detecting a Deadly Form of Malaria
Subramaniam, Vishwanath; Drew, Mark; Jones, Travis; Smith, Brad; West, Joseph

September 2016

Patent pending: PCT/US2 016/051787
Active Membrane with Controlled Ion Transport
Sundaresan, Vishnu Baba; Hery, Travis; Northcutt, Robert; Venugopal, Vinithra

June 2016

Redox transistor battery - a refillable, rechargeable and portable electrochemical energy storage device
Sundaresan, Vishnu Baba; Gilmore, Paul; Hery, Travis; Northcutt, Robert

Patent pending: 15/193,821
Functional Surfaces and Methods of Making Thereof
Bhushan, Bharat; Brown, Philip

Patent pending: 15/178,014
Apparatus and Method for Logging Propulsion Data Associated with a Manual Mobility Assistance Device
Metzler, Sandra; DiGiovine, Carmen; Eakins, Kyle; Mubaslat, Jad; Nishio, Lee; Shaffer, Sarah

May 2016

Patent pending: PCT/US2 016/020694
Multilayer Coatings and Methods of Making and Using Thereof
Bhushan, Bharat; Brown, Philip