Supported by the university's Technology Commercialization Office, work by the Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering faculty, researchers and students results in a number of patents each year.

The following are patents issued. Patents may be searched online at

October 2019

Creation of an Internal Cladding in Sapphire Optical Fiber by Reactor Irradiation
Blue, Thomas; Wilson, Brandon
Charge Generating Devices and Methods of Making Use Thereof
Cao, Lei Raymond
Designs and Manufacturing Methods for Lightweight Hyperdamping Materials Providing Large Attenuation of Broadband-Frequency Structure-Borne Sound
Harne, Ryan

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Technology Commercialization Office (TCO) advances the university’s research by translating those innovations into business opportunities in the global marketplace. The technology commercialization team is the first resource for disclosing innovations at the university. As part of the Corporate Engagement Office, TCO engages with faculty and staff to build a pipeline of innovation to help evaluate, protect and ultimately find the right market for intellectual property – through licensing or creating a startup company.