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Hoelzle Research Lab

The Hoelzle Research Lab (HRL) investigates problems in dynamics and control for application to advanced manufacturing and microsystem development.  Broadly classified, we are interested in high-value added microscale manufacturing applications with impacts in both human health and sensor technology.  The key applications are engineered synthetic tissues, microfluidic devices for studying mechanobiology, and products made by additive manufacturing (also call 3D printing).  Our key expertise lies in learning-based control algorithms, sensor development, and system design.  

The HRL was established in December of 2012 at the University of Notre Dame and transitioned to the Ohio State University in September of 2016.  HRL members are currenty at both institutions during this transition phase.


The Hoelzle Research Lab is always looking for motivated and talented students to pursue our research mission.

Prospective Graduate Students

Prof. Hoelzle receives multiple requests a day regarding sponsored graduate work. Only students who have applied to the Ohio State University will be considered. If you have applied, please state that you "have applied to the Dept. of X Engineering" in the first line of your email, where X is the relevant Department.

Ohio State Undergraduate Students

Please email Dr. Hoelzle a statement of your research interests and a current resumé. This information will facilitate a discussion of possible research projects.

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