Two MAE students placed at the 28th annual Denman Undergraduate Research Forum

Posted: March 24, 2023

Two Ohio State mechanical and aerospace engineering students placed at the 28th annual Denman undergraduate Research Forum earlier this month.

Kemper York, a fourth-year mechanical engineering student, received first place at the forum. Mitchell Wong, another fourth-year mechanical engineering student, received an honorable mention.

The Denman Undergraduate Research Forum, established in 1955, is an opportunity for graduating student researchers to share their research endeavors with a broader community. The competitive poster forum is judged by faculty, staff and Denman alumni reviewers. Students were reviewed on their ability to communicate their research process and results effectively with both their written poster content and accompanying oral presentation.

Photo of Kemper York

The 28th annual Denman Undergraduate Research Forum included over 200 presentations from senior graduate researchers. Winners were invited to an awards reception on March 9, where they received a certificate of scholarship, placement medallion and ribbon and cash prize for their achievements.

Twelve MAE students presented their research at the forum. Of the 23 research posters submitted to the Engineering and Technology category, eight of them were from mechanical and aerospace students.

York received first place in the Engineering and Technology category for his project titled “Development of a Coupled, Acoustic-Structural Model of a Speaker with Focus on Inverse Parameter Identification Methods”.

In his research, he constructed an acoustic-structural finite element model of a speaker. Additionally, he designed and implemented a benchmark experiment which was used to measure the response of the speaker and act as a validating benchmark for the material parameters of the speaker model.

“It was an honor to receive an award at the Denman.” York said. “I was surrounded by a diverse group of hard-working students from different majors across the university, and it was really special to have my hard work be recognized alongside so many other talented researchers.”

Photo of Mitchell Wong

Wong received an honorable mention for his research project titled “Validating a UAS Model for Conditions Seen in an Engine Ingestion” advised by Associate Professor, Dr. Kiran D’Souza.

His research revolved around taking an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAS) model validated for static blunt impacts and validate and improve the model for conditions seen in an engine ingestion, which would be the high-speed slicing impacts. This was done through physical testing, where data was collected and then simulations were run to validate and improve the UAS model.

“At first I was nervous and stumbled over my words, but I eventually found my footing.” Wong said. “It was nice to be recognized for something that I am passionate about and have spent a lot of time on.”