Student Spotlight: Mia Zhang

Posted: April 6, 2020

Mia Zhang
Where is your hometown?

"I am from Dublin, Ohio."

What made you come to Ohio State?

"I chose Ohio State because it has a great engineering program and is close to home. And I was really drawn to a really big school, like Ohio State!"

What is your area of study and why did you pursue it?

"I study Electrical and Computer Engineering. I knew I wanted to study engineering because I have always loved math and science and was fascinated by its application. I decided to study ECE because of its ubiquity in our lives, as many systems and applications involve electricity. Additionally, ECE offered broad areas of study, and I was excited to find my specific interest and to be part of multidisciplinary projects/work."

What kind of activity are you involved with in the department mechanical and aerospace engineering?

"I am doing cancer research in the department of mechanical and aerospace engineering with Dr. Jonathan Song. My research aims to deepen our understanding of the biological basis of alternating electric field therapy on breast cancer cells."

How has your experience in the department of mechanical and aerospace engineering been?

"My experience in the department of mechanical and aerospace engineering has been great. I have been part of Dr. Song’s lab since my sophomore year, and this has been one of the best experiences I had over the four years of my undergraduate. I met great mentors and peers through my research here, and it also offered me new opportunities to learn."

What have you like most about your research in MAE?

"I love that I can combine my passion in engineering and medicine together. There were also times when I found what I learned in class applicable to my research, and it is great to have such hands-on experiences."

What is the best class you have taken at OSU so far?

"There are several classes that I really liked, so it is hard to choose one. But I am currently taking a language class that I enjoy a lot. The class is very interactive and is different from all my STEM courses I’ve taken before."

What advice would you give to high school students considering engineering as a major?

"I would encourage everyone to explore various opportunities to gain new experiences and to believe in your hard work and commitment. There are many resources and programs that will help you discover your passion in local, national, and international communities. And don’t be afraid to get out of your comfort zone!

If you had to wear a t-shirt with one word on it for one Year, which word would you choose, and why?

"I would choose “Ohio” for that one word. I thought of many other words, but I decided to go with this because I am always on campus. If I need to wear that shirt every day for one year around Ohio State, you know I can never go wrong with “Ohio”."






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