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Aero Student Takes First Place at Undergraduate Research Forum for Engineering and Architecture


Aerospace Engineering undergraduate Ryan Winfree received first place at the annual College of Engineering Undergradute Research Forum, held March 21 at Knowlton Hall. Winfree's "Computational Fluid Dynamic Analysis of Jet Engine Inlet Flow Quality" presentation bested the nearly 80  students competing in the event. Winfree's co-advisors are Clinical Professor Rick Freuler and Dr. Cliff Whitfield. Last week, Winfree also successfully defended his senior honors research thesis and will next participate in the Denman Undergrdaute Research Forum, which will be held Thursday, March 28 at the RPAC.

Steven Ostrowski, also in aerospace engineering, claimed second place with his research on “Mapping of the Mars Exploration Rovers Opportunity and Spirit analyzing Orthophotos and Stereoscopic, Panoramic Imaging." And Mechanical Engineering student Allen Sun received third place honors for his poster titled "Steering-by-Wire System Development, Modeling, and Characterization for Lightweight Vehicles." 

The Undergraduate Research Forum for Engineering and Architecture is conducted by the College of Engineering, Knowlton School of Architecture, and Ohio State's chapter of Tau Beta Pi, the national engineering honor society society. The forum, which is judged by faculty members, graduate students, and industry partners, provides engineering and architecture students with an opportunity to practice their research presentation skills ahead of the Denman event. This is the first year that prizes have been awarded to participants.

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