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Undergraduate Programs for Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

Professional Licensure and FE Exam

Students who are within six months of graduation should consider taking the Fundamentals of Engineering (FE) Exam.  The FE Exam is the first step towards professional licensure.  Why might it be important to be a licensed engineer? 

According to the National Council of Examiners for Engineering and Surveying (NCEES), by becoming a professional engineer you:

  • Demonstrate that you've accomplished a recognized standard;
  • Set yourself apart from others in your profession;
  • Open the door for career options and opportunities that might not have otherwise been available to you. 
  • In addition, professional licensure is a must for anyone wishing to work on projects that affect public safety.  

The Licensure Process

Step #1: Graduation (from an ABET-accredited engineering program)

Step #2: The FE Exam

Step #3: Work Experience

Step #4: The Professional Engineering Exam


The FE Exam (

The best time to take the FE exam is before or immediately after graduation while the technical information is still fresh in your mind.  You are eligible to take the exam as soon as you are within 6 months of graduation. 

The exam is offered bi-annually in April and October.  To download the application for eligibility to take the exam, go to .  You will need to start the application process approximately four months ahead of when you wish to take the exam, so plan ahead! 

**Exams are held in April and October--check NCEES website for exact dates**



The College of Engineering offers a review course, ENG 510, to assist students in preparation for this exam.  ENG 510 is offered every winter quarter, and is worth 1 credit hour.  This course is very useful for preparation of the content and style of the exam. 

* Students who entered the University before WI04 may use ENG 510 as List A TE credit. 


Final Note:  Statistics show that 95% of Mechanical Engineering students who take this exam within 6 months of graduation pass the test.  The pass rate decreases as time after graduation increases, so plan to take the test as soon as possible after you graduate, before you graduate if possible! 

* Additional, detailed information about the benefits of being a licensed engineering and the licensure process can be found in the ME Undergraduate Student Handbook.