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Standards of Academic Performance (SAP)

In order to remain in good academic standing in the Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, major students are required to maintain a minimum 2.00 semester point-hour ratio (TPHR), cumulative point-hour ratio (CPHR), and major point-hour ratio (MPHR= cumulative point-hour ratio in all ME courses, except for ME 2010 for major students).  Major students who do not meet these minimum standards are eligible for departmental probation.  Repeated failure to meet these standards will result in dismissal from the department. 

Our goal is for you to be successful, regardless of your major.  In order to earn your B.S.M.E., you need to have at least a 2.00 MPHR when you are ready to graduate.  In order to graduate from Ohio State, you need a 2.00 CPHR.  Although it may seem punitive, probation gives us the means to monitor students who are not meeting these standards, encourage you to resolve any difficulties, or guide you in a more appropriate academic direction. 

If you are experiencing academic difficulties, we encourage you to see an undergraduate advisor before you find yourself in danger of being put on probation.

* Students who entered the University or were admitted to the ME major before SU03 fall under a different set of academic standards and should see their advisor for information.