Mechanical Engineering Capstone

The Columbus Division of Police collaborated with an MAE general capstone team to fix their shooting range system's critical defect.The Columbus Division of Police collaborated with an MAE general capstone team to fix their shooting range system's critical defect.

The Capstone Sequence is the primary culminating project of your Mechanical Engineering curriculum. You will carry out a formal design experience that takes you from design requirements to idea/design generation and on through prototyping and testing. The sequence is intended to give you experience in the design process and bring together and reinforce the skills you have obtained in the analysis, modeling and measurement of engineering systems.

You will also continue to refine your communication and teamwork skills and be introduced to concepts in project management that you will utilize to successfully complete your projects. The courses also touch on other important aspects of real-world engineering practice.

You have three choices of Capstone Sequences: A, B or C.


ME Senior Capstone Sequence Options

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Capstone Options

  1. Product Design Capstone



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Capstone Requisites

To ensure that you are prepared, the requisites will be enforced very strictly.

Mechanical Engineering students who will be completing their capstone project in the fall or spring, will be required to attend an information session led by the capstone instructors, which will cover this material and all options for capstone thoroughly.

This meeting will take place while students are enrolled in MECHENG 3671 (offered in the spring only), usually during their third year in the program.

The requisites below apply to the first course in each of the three sequences:

  • ME 3360
  • ME 3503
  • ME 3671
  • ME 3870

All students are required to complete MECHENG 4870 (Capstone Laboratory) regardless of the option they choose.


Required Courses

Capstone Sequence A – Required Courses

  • MECHENG 4900 ME Capstone Design I (1.5 cr hrs)
  • MECHENG 490x.01 ME Capstone Design II (1 cr hrs)
  • MECHENG 490x.02 ME Capstone Design III (2.5 cr hrs)

     5 hours total

Capstone Sequence B – Required Courses

  • ENGR 5901.01 Multidisciplinary Design Capstone I (3 cr hrs)
  • ENGR 5901.02 Multidisciplinary Design Capstone II (3 cr hrs)
  • Formally ENGR 4901/4902/4903

      6 hours total*

Capstone Sequence C – Required Courses

  • MECHENG 4684 Fundamentals of Product Design Engineering (4 cr hr)
  • MECHENG 4685 Product Design Capstone II (2 cr hr)

      Formally Mecheng 5684/5685
      6 hours total*


* 1 credit hour of the six earned is automatically applied toward the Mechanical Engineering Technical Elective requirement.