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ME Capstone - Sequence A: General Capstone

Capstone Sequence A – Required courses

  • MECHENG 4900 ME Capstone Design I (1.5 cr hrs)
  • MECHENG 4901.01 ME Capstone Design II (1 cr hrs)
  • MECHENG 4901.02 ME Capstone Design III (2.5 cr hrs)

5 hours total

MECHENG 4900: Introduction to Engineering Design

Over the first seven weeks of the semester, students will learn the fundamentals of the engineering design process. One weekly lecture and two hands-on recitations per week will prepare students to understand the overall engineering design process and the specific skills needed at each level of design. A short mini-project will also be completed to reinforce these skills. The knowledge that you gain will be applied to the specific project option that you select. Toward the end of this course, one of the two recitations per week will be with your specified project team.

MECHENG 4901.01 and 4901.02: General Projects

In the general capstone, students are able to participate in a diversity of projects including community and industry projects, instructor-suggested projects, and student conceived projects. Projects options may touch upon any fundamental area of mechanical engineering, and while some may be purely mechanical, others may involve mechatronics or other interdisciplinary work, topically speaking.

There are opportunities to partner with subject-matter experts external to the department who are interested in supporting student projects. See the table below for immediate past and current projects: 

2017 Spring Projects

  • Automated Lawnmower
  • Robotic Fish: Reloaded
  • Bottle Top Remover
  • Cookie Extruder
  • Driving Simulator – Undergraduate Research – Dr. Jeff Chrstos, CAR, Advising
  • Make a Model Hand (two teams)
  • Station Keeping Boat
  • Robotic Instrument (aka. Bah Dum Tch)
  • Robotic Instrument (aka. Robotic Flute)
  • Racket Ball Machine (aka. Spitfire)

2016 Fall Projects

  • Robotic Instrument (aka. Baribot)
  • Robotic Fish
  • Foot Pressure Monitoring Device
  • Mechanical Regeneratively Brake Bike
  • Electrical Regeneratively Braked Bike (aka. Saturdays)
  • Dog Entertainer w/ Activity Tracking Vest
  • Coffee Roaster
  • Drone Constraint Device
  • Compressor Seal Ring Tester – Industry Project – Aerial Corporation
  • Ammo Reclamation – Community Project – Columbus Police Department
  • Maglev Train – Community Project – COSI
  • Rivtek vs.  – Undergraduate Research – Dr. Anthony Luscher, MAE, Advising

Capstone Sequence A

Course requirements

  • Capstone Sequence A starts with MECHENG 4900, which lasts seven weeks (Term I).
  • MECHENG 4901.01 begins during week eight of the same semester and continues to the end of the semester (Term II). 
  • At the time of registration, you must enroll in both MECHENG 4900 and MECHENG 4901.01.
  • You must finish the sequence (MECHENG 4901.02) the following semester or term. See the table in the Offerings section below:


At the time of registration, you must enroll in both MECHENG 4900 and MECHENG 4901.01 during the same semester. The sequence must be completed the following semester with MECHENG 4901.02. See sequence summary in table below:

Semester 1

Semester 2

Session 1

Week 1-7

Session 2

Week 8-14

Full Term