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ME Capstone - Sequence B: Multidisciplinary Capstone

The Multidisciplinary Engineering Capstone Design Program is an integrated sequence which will utilize principles of multiple engineering and non-engineering disciplines for industry-sponsored design projects.

  • This capstone sequence will last one full year (two consecutive semesters).
  • No student will be permitted to start in a different capstone and switch to this option.
  • This sequence only begins Autumn Semester.
  • Permission from the instructor is required to be enrolled in this capstone sequence.

ENGR 5901.01 and ENGR 5901.02 Multidisciplinary Design Capstone I & II

This course sequence is designed to prepare students with the engineering and professional skills and techniques needed to complete a real-world project using a design process. Students will learn a multidisciplinary design process, which includes defining the problem; conceptualizing solutions; designing a solution; building or modeling a prototype; and creating and implementing a validation plan.  Students will demonstrate technical communication skills and professional practices in a multidisciplinary environment. Students will also learn project management and teamwork skills.

The multidisciplinary capstone design project starts by the third week of Autumn Semester and will continue through the end of Spring Semester. Students apply their knowledge on the design process to an industry-sponsored design project.

Teams of students (typically four to six students) from various engineering programs (i.e. CBE, CSE, ECE, Engineering Physics, FABE, ISE, etc.) and other disciplines (i.e. Business, Chemistry, Finance, Industrial Design, Psychology, etc.) work on these real-world projects, which represent those that might be encountered upon graduation and entering a professional working environment. The project topics range from product and process improvement to new product development, humanitarian and socially innovative product design. A faculty or staff advisor is assigned to each team and each sponsor supplies a liaison for the entire length of the project.

Past sponsors include ArcelorMittal, Cameron, Cardinal Health, eNNOVEA, Honda, John Deere and Snowville Creamery.

More information about the multidisciplinary design capstone is available here.