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ME Capstone - Sequence A: Assistive Devices Capstone

Capstone Sequence A – Required courses

  • MECHENG 4900 ME Capstone Design I (1.5 cr hrs)
  • MECHENG 4905.01 ME Capstone Design II (1 cr hrs)
  • MECHENG 4905.02 ME Capstone Design III (2.5 cr hrs)

5 hours total

Note: The following capstone option requires enrollment in MECHENG 4900 autumn semester.

MECHENG 4905.01 and 4905.02: Assistive Devices 

Students will create assistive devices for people with disabilities. These devices will aid in the quality of life for many types of disabilities. These projects emphasize working with the customer and understanding the specific needs and wants of a variety of patients. Project teams of three to five students will be presented with an unmet need for an assistive device or technology, and will work through the entire product design process over the two-course sequence. This project will also be completed in collaboration with senior capstone students from the Department of Biomedical Engineering. Project teams will have faculty mentors from both the College of Engineering and the College of Medicine.  The project will culminate with the creation of working prototypes that will be tested and used in a clinical setting.

Capstone Sequence A

Course requirements

  • Capstone Sequence A starts with MECHENG 4900, which lasts seven weeks (Term I).
  • MECHENG 4905.01 begins during week eight of the same semester and continues to the end of the semester (Term II). 
  • At the time of registration, you must enroll in both MECHENG 4900 and MECHENG 4905.01.
  • You must finish the sequence (MECHENG 4905.02) the following semester or term. See the table in the Offerings section below:


At the time of registration, you must enroll in both MECHENG 4900 and MECHENG 4905.01 during the same semester. The sequence must be completed the following semester with MECHENG 4905.02. See sequence summary in table below:

Autumn Semester

Spring Semester

Session 1

Week 1-7

Session 2

Week 8-14

Full Term