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Do I need to apply for graduation? 

All students must to submit an application in order to be eligible to graduate from The Ohio State University.  The Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering uses the College of Engineering's online application for graduation.

What should I do before applying for graduation?

All students are ultimately responsible for meeting all degree requirements. Before submitting your graduation application, please run a degree audit and check progress towards these requirements. If any errors or discrepancies are found, please contact your academic advisor for clarification.

When are graduation applications due? 

Applications are due one year prior to the expected graduation date. 

Why do I need to apply one year prior to my expected graduation date? 

This deadline allow us to check your final year of major coursework so we can make any necessary changes. Students who apply on time will receive senior prioirity scheduling during the final semester before graduation. Late applications are accepted, but on-time graduation will not be guaranteed in such cases. 

What should I do if make any changes from the curricular plan I submitted? 

Once a graduation application is approved, it is assumed that the student will follow the plan that they indicated on the application. If you deviate from your original plan, it is recommended that you see an advisor regarding the changes you've made to make sure that you are still fulfilling all graduation requirements. If you change courses but do not let an advisor know, then there is no guarantee that your new courses will be checked by an advisor until you are set to graduate, at which time it may be too late to correct any mistakes.

Where can I find further information about graduation? 

Further instructions for the graduating class can be found at and through the College of Engineering

We also recommend this page on Managing Stress and Wellness as graduation approaches. 

Graduating seniors will also receive an email from the College of Engineering during their final semester with further instructions.  If you are planning to graduate but do not receive this email, please contact your academic advisor.  

If you have further questions about graduation, please contact Kelsey Ginnetti, the Graduation Coordinator within Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering.