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Transfer Credit

Have you or will you be taking a course at another institution that you would like to be evaluated by the Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering? If so, you can find the online Transfer Credit Evaluation Request form below.

What is a transfer credit evaluation request? 

If you have a G000, S200, or T000 course that you believe could count towards a degree requirement, you can request that the Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Department evaluate your previous coursework.  A successful request will allow students to receive a course substitution, course equivalency, course waiver or eligibility for credit by examination. For further details about the transfer credit evaluation process, please contact your academic advisor. 

Transfer Credit Process 

Students who are considering transferring from another institution to The Ohio State University often have additional questions and concerns about their previous coursework and about starting their major courses. For detailed information regarding the Transfer Credit process and how to interpret your Transfer Credit Report, go to

Transfer Credit Guidelines 

Is the instutition from which you took the course an ABET Accredited School? 

For a current list of ABET accredited programs go to Below is department specific information regarding Mechanical Engineering coursework. Transfer Credit will be awarded according to the following criteria:

  • ABET Accredited Schools
    • All Mechanical Engineering courses will receive General Credit unless an established equivalency exists. Established equivalencies are listed on the Transfer Credit Report. 
  • US Non-ABET Accredited Schools 
    • Mechanical Engineering courses with the following titles will receive General Credit: Statics, Dynamics, Strength (or Mechanics) of Materials.
    • All other Mechanical Engineering courses will receive Technical Credit and will be subject to further evaluation by the Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering.
  • International Non-ABET Accredited Schools
    • Only the following Mechanical Engineering courses with the following titles will receive General Credit: Statics, Dynamics, Strength (or Mechanics) of Materials.
    • There will be no transfer credit awarded for all other Mechanical Engineering courses.


Transferology ( is a valuable tool for transfer students who wish to see how their coursework at another institution will correlate to OSU coursework. Most equivalencies from this site will cover basic math and science courses, General Education courses, and in a few instances, Statics (MECHENG  2010), Mechanics of Materials (MECHENG 2020) and Dynamics (MECHENG  2030). 

Start your request for transfer credit evaluation here.