Theoretical and Applied Mechanics Laboratory

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Welcome to TAMLAB

Welcome to TAMLAB (Theoretical and Applied Mechanics Laboratory) of the Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering at The Ohio State University.

Theoretical and Applied Mechanics Laboratory aims to merge the fundamental sciences with cross-disciplinary engineering fields to provide in-depth understanding to the variety of scientific problems. Some of the interdisciplinary fields considered at TAMLAB are Solid Mechanics, Mechanics of Materials, Nonlinear Dynamics, Multiphysics Interactions (Fluid-Thermal-Structural), Nuclear Engineering, Engineering Materials, Computational Mechanics, and Analytical and Applied Mathematics.

Current research activities of TAMLAB include;

  • Low cycle fatigue (LCF), High Cycle Fatigue (HCF) and LCF/HCF Interaction
  • Thermo-mechanical failure and failure analysis
  • Material characterization and microstructural investigation
  • Nuclear fuels, irradiation effects, swelling, thermal and irradiation induced creep
  • Finite Element Modeling, multiphysics interaction, Multiscale modeling
  • Renewable energy (focused on wind turbines)
  • Reliability based design optimization

TAMLAB formulates new ideas and theories, discovers and interprets the phenomena, and finally develops experimental and computational tools.



Directors Office
E520 Scott Lab
201 W 19th Avenue
Columbus, OH 43210

Research Office
W188 Scott Lab
201 W 19th Avenue
Columbus, OH 43210


TAMLAB focuses on fundamental sciences and frequently publishes articles involving original research by the members of the research group and joint projects with external researchers.


TAMLAB with state-of-the-art expertise offers client-focused consulting services. TAMLAB interperts the problem, develops necessary tools and provides guidance.


TAMLAB offers customized training programs, tutorial sessions and scientific support. Such as Finite Element Modeling, computational tools, scientific scripting and programming.