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Upcoming Special Topic Courses

Summer 2016

ME 6194 - Metal Forming Technology

Instructors: Ahmet Tekkaya, Avraham Benatar, Cheena Srinivasan

The one credit-hour course will serve as a brief introduction to the fundamentals and applications of metal forming technology to a wide cross-section of graduate students in the mechanical engineering, industrial engineering, materials science and engineering, and welding engineering programs.

Fall 2016

ME 5194 - Product Design Engineering (for non-engineering students only)

Instructor: Annie Abell

Fundamentals of the product development from an engineering perspective. Product constraints, usability, product evolution, portfolio and product architecture, design for manufacturing and assembly.

ME 5194 - Engineering Acoustics

Instructor: Ryan Harne

The aim of this course is to meet the need for a course accessible to the undergraduate population centered on the subject of acoustics. This course, also open to graduate students, will instill principles of engineering noise control, analysis, and design.

ME 5194 - CAD Modeling Techniques for Mechanical Design using CATIA

Instructor: Jami Shah

Computer Aided Design: solid and surface modeling applications using the CATIA CAD package used extensively in the automotive and aerospace industries. Completion of labs and project ensure a working knowledge of CATIA.

ME 7194 - Principles of Finite Element Method

Instructor: Prasad Mokashi

This course is designed primarily to equip a graduate student with the tools necessary to formulate boundary value problems in solid mechanics and heat transfer in order to develop working numerical codes that would, in turn, enable students to conduct graduate research.

ME 8194 - Robust Control of Mechatronic Systems

Instructor: Levent Guvenc

The aim of this course is to introduce graduate students of mechanical engineering to the parameter space approach to robust control using mechatronic systems as example plants to be controlled. The students will also be exposed to the control architectures of input shaping, disturbance observer control and repetitive control.

NE 6194 - Nuclear Materials II: High Temperature Corrosion and Failure Mechanisms

Instructor: Jinsuo Zhang

The purpose of the proposed course is to provide students with information and skills necessary to work on science and engineering of materials and nuclear energy relevant to high temperature corrosion. The course will give the student insight into the fundamentals and applications of high temperature corrosion, corrosion inhibition, control and measurement, stress-corrosion cracking, the effect of non-aqueous coolants, reprocessing issues, materials failure in nuclear environments and failure analysis, and non-destructive evaluation techniques.