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Scott Laboratory, Computing Labs

SYSTEM STATUS - July 25, 2016

  • There are no reported outages at this time.


The student computing labs are for Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering academic purposes. Most labs are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Students are provided with 50 GB of storage.  Snapshots are made every weekday of the home directories so students can restore or revert to previous versions of documents using the tools built into Windows 7.


All students are encouraged to read the OSU BuckeyeSecure and Safe Computing web sites.


Information Technology (IT) Staff Responsibilities


Leslie Southern, IT Manager - Oversees IT staff and operations; manages budgets, addresses administrative issues/problems.

Jerrod Kennedy, Senior Systems Manager - Primary architect and administrator for department network infrastructure, primary systems administrator for Windows server infrastructure, systems administrator for department storage system, primary contact for Active Directory.

Dan Duncan, Systems Manager - Manages daily operation of the instructional computer labs, responsible for lab software image, printing subsystem, license servers for instructional software and anti-virus and security of instructional lab systems.

Sean Russell, Systems Specialist - Primary support contact for faculty and staff desktop systems, department built research desktop systems, Windows desktop antivirus managment and reporting, desktop system compliance with university policies.  Primary contact for Unix/Linux systems, systems administrator for department web and mail servers.

For instructional lab problems, please report issues to the lab monitor, or contact Dan Duncan in room E222.


For BuckID card access issues, please fill out a problem report form at the front desk in N350.