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Poster Printing

How to print to Z6810 plotter (Instant Dry Photo Gloss Paper)

Students in the Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering can print posters using the Z6810 plotter. Plots from the HP Z6810 cost $4 per linear foot for Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering students, and $8 per linear foot for non-Mechanical Engineering students.  The roll is 36" wide with Arch D and Arch E sizes supported.  Custom plot sizes are not supported and must be printed elsewhere.  Refunds for misprinted posters are only made when error is a result of equipment malfunction and are only made for plots printed when a Lab Monitor is on duty.  Lab Monitors are available during the semester Monday-Friday, 8am to 5pm to assist with printer posters.
To print properly from the Z6810 plotter, set settings in “Paper/Quality” and “Features” tabs to the settings below. Once you select your document size, check under the “Features” tab to ensure that the page is rotated optimally to take up as little paper as possible.