Precision Measurement and Control Laboratory - Software


3D Coordinate Metrology


  • AIPS (Automated Inspection Planning System)

Automated CMM programming package for collision-free inspection planning with CAD models​

  • HoleExplorer

Perform automatic digitization of hole features using the CMM touch-trigger probe

  • AutoCam

Perform automatic camera calibration using CMM

  • MiCAS (Multiple-Sensor Integrated Coordinate Acquisition Simulator)

Simulate the coordinate data acquisition process of an active 3D vision system

Computational Geometry and Applications to Design and Manufacturing


  • CPMR (Coordinate Processing and Model Reconstruction)

Automated geometric model reconstruction from 3D coordinate points digitized from the object boundary surface


  • FeatureExplorer

Automatic feature recognition for multiple applications in concurrent engineering

Friction Contact Modeling and Applications to Forced Response Predictions



Predict the forced response of turbine blades constrained by various friction interfaces, including blade-to-blade dampers, wedge type dampers, and shrouds