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Alok Sutradhar

  • Assistant Professor, Mechanical & Aerospace Engr
  • 201 W. 19th Ave
    E442 Scott Lab
    Columbus, OH 43210


Research interests include:

  • Optimized Design, Design and synthesis of hierarchical structures, CAD/CAM
  • Additive Manufacturing and 3D multi-material printing.
  • Multi-material  Mult-scale, Multi-physics topology optimization,
  • Mesh-reduction methods (Boundary Element, Isogeometric Analysis) ,
  • Biomedical Modeling and Design, Bio-inspired Methods, Virtual Reality
  • Tissue Transplantation, Bioprinting, Guided Tissue Formation

Journal Articles


  • Park, J.; Sutradhar, A.; Shah, J.J.; Paulino, G.H., 2018, "Design of complex bone internal structure using topology optimization with perimeter control.." Comput Biol Med 94, 74-84 - 74-84.
  • Akar, B.; Tatara, A.M.; Sutradhar, A.; Hsiao, H-Y. et al., 2018, "Large Animal Models of an In Vivo Bioreactor for Engineering Vascularized Bone.." Tissue Eng Part B Rev