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Jack McNamara

  • Associate Professor, Mechanical & Aerospace Engr
  • 201 W 19th Ave
    E440 Scott Lab
    Columbus, OH 43210
  • 614-292-6778


Research interests include:

  • Fluid-structure interactions and model reduction of high-dimensional, dynamic systems¬†
  • Multi-fidelity modeling and computer simulations of multi-scale, multi-physics
  • Applications: supersonics/hypersonics, turbomachinery, rotocraft, wind turbines, flapping wing air vehicles, automobiles

Journal Articles


  • Ng, W.H., Friedmann, P.P., Waas, A.M., and McNamara, J.J., 2011, "Thermomechanical Behavior of a Damaged Thermal Protection System: Experimental Correlation and Influence of Hypersonic Flow." The Aeronautical Journal 115, no. 1164,