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Ayonga Hereid

  • Assistant Professor, Mechanical & Aerospace Engr
  • 201 W. 19th Ave
    Room E506 Scott Laboratory
    Columbus, OH 43210
  • 614-292-1093


My research focuses on developing elegant and principled control solutions for the next-generation legged robots and lower-extremity assistive devices. My research interests include:

  • Robotics: exoskeleton and human-assistive devices; bipedal robots and humanoids
  • Control and dynamics: modeling and optimal control design of hybrid dynamical systems
  • Optimization: advanced trajectory optimization of complex systems
  • Machine learning: applications of machine learning algorithms to robust feedback controls

Journal Articles


  • Hereid, A.; Hubicki, C.M.; Cousineau, E.A.; Ames, A.D., 2018, "Dynamic Humanoid Locomotion: A Scalable Formulation for HZD Gait Optimization." IEEE Transactions on Robotics 34, 370-387 - 370-387.
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  • Chen, Y.; Hereid, A.; Peng, H.; Grizzle, J., 2017, "Enhancing the performance of a safe controller via supervised learning for truck lateral control." CoRR


  • Dantam, N.T.; Lofaro, D.M.; Hereid, A.; Oh, P.Y. et al., 2015, "The Ach Library: A New Framework for Real-Time Communication." IEEE Robotics Automation Magazine 22, 76-85 - 76-85.


  • Hereid, A.; Harib, O.; Hartley, R.; Gong, Y. et al., "Rapid Bipedal Gait Design Using C-FROST with Illustration on a Cassie-series Robot." CoRR

Papers in Proceedings


  • Kolathaya, S.; Reher, J.; Hereid, A.; Aaron D Ames, H. "Input to State Stabilizing Control Lyapunov Functions for Robust Bipedal Robotic Locomotion." (10 2017).
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