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Vicky Doan-Nguyen

  • Assistant Professor, Materials Science Engineering
  • Assistant Professor
  • Center for Electron Microscopy and Analysis
    1305 Kinnear Road, Suite 100
    Columbus, OH 43212

Journal Articles


  • Dally, R.; Clement, R.J.; Chisnell, R.; Taylor, S. et al., 2017, "Floating zone growth of alpha-Na0.90MnO2 single crystals." JOURNAL OF CRYSTAL GROWTH 459, 203-208 - 203-208.
  • Ko, J.S.; Doan-Nguyen, V.V.T.; Kim, H-S.; Petrissans, X. et al., 2017, "High-rate capability of Na2FePO4F nanoparticles by enhancing surface carbon functionality for Na-ion batteries." JOURNAL OF MATERIALS CHEMISTRY A 5, no. 35, 18707-18715 - 18707-18715.


  • Kang, Y.; Ye, X.; Chen, J.; Qi, L. et al., 2013, "Engineering Catalytic Contacts and Thermal Stability: Gold/Iron Oxide Binary Nanocrystal Superlattices for CO Oxidation." JOURNAL OF THE AMERICAN CHEMICAL SOCIETY 135, no. 4, 1499-1505 - 1499-1505.


  • Doan-Nguyen, V.; Loria, J.P., 2007, "The effects of cosolutes on protein dynamics: The reversal of denaturant-induced protein fluctuations by trimethylamine N-oxide." PROTEIN SCIENCE 16, no. 1, 20-29 - 20-29.

Papers in Proceedings


  • Cargnello, M.; Doan-Nguyen, V.; Gordon, T.R.; Bakhmutsky, K. et al. "Catalytic role of the metal-support interface in d(8)-ceria systems prepared using artificial atoms." in 244th National Fall Meeting of the American-Chemical-Society (ACS). (8 2012).