Atkinson, Chris


Dr. Chris Atkinson is currently the Director of the Smart Mobility Initiative and professor of mechanical and aerospace engineering at Ohio State University. From 2014 to 2020 he served as Program Director at the Advanced Research Projects Agency-Energy (ARPA-E) of the US Department of Energy. At ARPA-E he initiated and managed external research and development projects in the advanced clean energy area totaling over $120 million, including NEXTCAR, a program using connectivity and automation to improve vehicle energy efficiency.

He is the founder of Atkinson LLC, a consultancy in advanced engine and vehicle technology. From 2009 to 2011 he was the Director of the West Virginia University Center for Alternative Fuels, Engines and Emissions, in addition to holding the rank of tenured professor in mechanical and aerospace engineering. He has authored over 70 peer-reviewed publications (with over 2200 citations) and holds two US and international patents. He received the Lewis F. Moody Award from the ASME in 1992, in addition to being a Fellow of ASME, and a Fellow of SAE.

Articles about Dr. Atkinson

Scholar-Entrepreneur Tapped to Direct Ohio State's Smart Mobility Program


Research Interests: 

  • Smart mobility.
  • Advanced mobility, transportation and vehicle technologies.
  • Vehicle automation, vehicle connectivity.
  • Engine control, calibration and optimization.
  • Model-based systems.
  • Machine learning, AI, and artificial neural networks.
  • Data-driven modeling for control.
  • Diesel exhaust emissions reduction.
  • Fuel efficiency improvement and GHG reduction in vehicles.
  • Alternative fuel and NG utilization.
  • Hybrid electric vehicle development.
  • High-efficiency HVAC technologies.
  • Technology assessment, technical due diligence, innovation, research and development, entrepreneurship, and commercialization in advanced clean and sustainable energy technologies.
  • Development and deployment of low GHG energy technologies.