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December 2017

Patent issued: 9,851,454
Detection Devices and Methods
Cao, Lei

Patent issued: 9,844,347
Electromagnetic System and Method
Subramaniam, Vishwanath; Jones, Travis; McFerran Brock, Jennifer; Sequin, Emily; Sun, Duxin; West, Joseph; Zou, Peng

November 2017

Variable characteristics fluidic oscillator and fluidic oscillator with three dimensional output jet and associated methods
Tomac, Mehmet; Gregory, James

October 2017

Patent issued: 9,777,265
A Non-Contact Method for Accelerating Wound Healing
Subramaniam, Vishwanath; Das Ghatak, Piya; Roy, Sashwati; Sen, Chandan; Sequin, Emily; West, Joseph

Inductive electric fields directionally hinder EGF-gradient promoted breast cancer motility in biomimetic microtracks
Garg, Ayush; Bushman, Sarah; Ferree, Jessica; Jones, Travis; Song, Jonathan; Subramaniam, Vishwanath

Nernst generators and Ettingshausen coolers in the absence of magnetic field using time-reversal symmetry-breaking Weyl semimetals
Heremans, Joseph; Felser, Claudia; Manna, Kaustuv; McCormick, Timothy; Trivedi, Nandini; Watzman, Sarah

Phase -Synchronized Fluidic Oscillator Array and Method
Tomac, Mehmet; Gregory, James

Patent pending: 15/798,032
Liquid-impregnated porous polypropylene surfaces for liquid repellency
Bhushan, Bharat; Brown, Philip

Antimicrobial wound care dressing
Prakash, Shaurya; Bennett, Molly; Jones, Travis; Sen, Chandan; Subramaniam, Vishwanath

September 2017

Method for Reducing Aerodynamic Drag on Tractor-Trailers
Prakash, Shaurya; Rangharajan, Kaushik Krishna; West, Joseph; Zezinka, Zachary

August 2017

Patent issued: 9,737,653
Selective Ultrafiltration Membranes for Renal Replacement Therapies
Conlisk, Terrence; Datta, Subhra; Fissell, William; Roy, Shuvo

Patent pending: 15/689095
UAM resistance spot weld joint transition for multimaterial automotive structures
Dapino, Marcelo

Patent pending: 15/549,101
Fabrication and Preparation of Structural Composites for Distributed Sensing and Structural Optimization
Sundaresan, Vishnu Baba

July 2017

Mechanically durable liquid-impregnated honeycomb surfaces
Bhushan, Bharat; Brown, Philip

June 2017

Variable stiffness robotic arm via layer jamming
Su, Haijun; Hurd, Carter; Pei, Xu

Charge generating devices and methods of making use thereof
Cao, Lei

May 2017

Patent pending: 15/592,789
An additive manufacturing device for biomaterials
Hoelzle, David; Simeunovic, Andrej

April 2017

Patent pending: 15/479,953
Hybrid structures for joining of metals and continuous fiber materials
Dapino, Marcelo; Detwiler, Duane; Gingerich, Mark; Hahnlen, Ryan; Headings, Leon; Scheidt, Matthew; Sheldon, Allen

Patent pending: 15/518,172
Intubation With Audiovibratory Guidance
Bailey, Robert; Elsayed-Awad, Hamdy; West, Joseph

March 2017

Gas chromatology TCD hydrogen calibration valve

Creation of an internal cladding sapphire optical fiber by reactor irradiation
Blue, Thomas; Wilson, Brandon

Designs and manufacturing methods for lightweight hyperdamping materials providing large attenuation of broadband-frequency structure-borne sound
Harne, Ryan

Folded Transducer Array for Compact and Deployable Wave-Energy Guiding System
Harne, Ryan

January 2017

A system and method for simultaneous load transfer and speed synchronization in gear shifts involving multiple actively controlled clutches in automatic transmissions


November 2016

Patent pending: PCT/US2 016/061019
Non-Invasive Method for Detecting a Deadly Form of Malaria
Subramaniam, Vishwanath; Drew, Mark; Jones, Travis; Smith, Brad; West, Joseph

September 2016

Patent pending: PCT/US2 016/051787
Active Membrane with Controlled Ion Transport
Sundaresan, Vishnu Baba; Hery, Travis; Northcutt, Robert; Venugopal, Vinithra

June 2016

Redox transistor battery - a refillable, rechargeable and portable electrochemical energy storage device
Sundaresan, Vishnu Baba; Gilmore, Paul; Hery, Travis; Northcutt, Robert

Patent pending: 15/193,821
Functional Surfaces and Methods of Making Thereof
Bhushan, Bharat; Brown, Philip

Patent pending: 15/178,014
Apparatus and Method for Logging Propulsion Data Associated with a Manual Mobility Assistance Device
Metzler, Sandra; DiGiovine, Carmen; Eakins, Kyle; Mubaslat, Jad; Nishio, Lee; Shaffer, Sarah

May 2016

Patent pending: PCT/US2 016/020694
Multilayer Coatings and Methods of Making and Using Thereof
Bhushan, Bharat; Brown, Philip