Nuclear Engineering Projected Course Offerings

The table below notes the semester(s) in which courses are projected to be offered. Course offerings are subject to change and students should refer to the Schedule of Classes to confirm course availability for upcoming terms. 

Course Number Course Name Hours AU19 SP20 AU20 SP21
4505 Introduction to Nuclear Science and Engineering 3 X X X X
4506 Undergraduate Nuclear Engineering Laboratory 3 X   X  
4536 Nuclear Reactor Systems 3   X   X
5606 Radiation Protection and Shielding 3 X   X  
5610 Reactor Safety 3   X   X
5735 Nuclear Power Plant Operations 3   X   X
5742 Nuclear Radiations and Their Measurements 3   X   X
5776 Nuclear Fuel Cycle and Radioactive Waste Management 3


6507 Intermediate Numerical Methods 3   X   X
6536 Nuclear Reactor Systems and Analysis 3   X   X
6708 Reactor Theory 3 X   X  
6716 Probabilistic Reliability and Safety Assessment 3 X   X  
6725 Nuclear Reactor Dynamics 2 X   X  
6726 Reactor Dynamics Laboratory 2   X   X
6766 Nuclear Engineering Design 2   X   X
7865 Neutron Slowing Down and Thermalization 3   X