NDVL team of researchers wins 2nd place paper at 2021 ASME MSNDC conference


An Ohio State team of researchers from the Nonlinear Dynamics and Vibration Laboratory won second place paper at the 2021 American Society of Mechanical Engineers International Design Engineering Technical Conferences Multibody Systems, Nonlinear Dynamics, and Control conference.

Amir Shahhosseini, a graduate research associate at the Nonlinear Dynamics and Vibration Laboratory, Kiran D’Souza, director of the Nonlinear Dynamics and Vibration Laboratory and associate professor of mechanical and aerospace engineering at Ohio State, and Meng-Hsuan Tien, an alumni of Ohio State and assistant professor of power mechanical engineering at National Tsing Hua University, were the authors of the paper titled, “Analysis and Evaluation of Piecewise Linear Systems with Coulomb Friction Using a Hybrid Symbolic-Numeric Computational Method”.

The paper focused on introducing a new approach that efficiently evaluates the response of a major class of nonlinear systems. The previous methods commonly used for these systems would lose their usefulness when going from a two-dimensional system to a three-dimensional one, but the NDVL group’s proposed method is designed to remain effective and accurate regardless of the dimension of the system.

A fusion of numerical techniques and analytical approaches were combined to create the method, Shahhosseini said. The method is based upon analytical solutions when the system operates in a linear state and then utilizes efficient nonlinear numerical techniques to find the transition between linear states.

Amir Shahhosseini

“The method uses systematic mathematical manipulations to alter the nonlinear formulation of the problem into a linear formulation in connected intervals,” Shahhosseini said. “Then, it uses numerical techniques to stitch the responses of the connected intervals together.”

Shahhosseini was very happy that his hard work was recognized.

“It is great to be recognized for the merits of our work and we are happy that this award was earned by myself and the Nonlinear Dynamics and Vibration Laboratory at the Ohio State University,” Shahhosseini said.

D’Souza was proud of the work that Shahhosseini was able to do during a global pandemic.


 “This was a testimony to the hard work and diligence of Amir as he worked remotely in another country during the pandemic and was able to pick up a whole new research topic and generate an outstanding paper in his first year on the project,” D’Souza said.

Moving forward NDVL has rather fluid plans and are currently investigating weakly chaotic responses of nonlinear systems that are very rarely encountered in mechanical systems, Shahhosseini said. The lab is also developing stronger and more intelligent tools for efficient detection of chaos in systems with discontinuous governing equation of motion.

Tien is happy with the partnership his lab and NDVL and is excited to see where this research will go next.


“I am glad to be part of this work and am looking forward to continuing this collaboration between Professor D’Souza’s lab and my lab at National Tsing Hua University,” Tien said. “The algorithm created in this project will enable many engineering applications such as efficient design of friction damper in turbomachinery. The method also has the potential to be developed into a new class of computational software for analyzing structural dynamics. This fundamental work will help further understand the nonlinear characteristics of complex engineering systems.”

This work is a part of an NSF funded project (Grant No. 1902408, program manager Dr. Robert Landers) focused on creating new techniques for analyzing and exploiting piecewise linear (PWL) nonlinear systems. The work will continue to focus on providing a better understanding of fundamental nonlinear dynamics phenomena, generate new tools for analyzing these systems more efficiently, and create new ways to exploit PWL systems such as novel energy harvesters that are more effective for nonstationary excitation (DEVICE AND METHOD FOR CONTROLLING VIBRATION WITH PIECEWISE-LINEAR NONLINEARITY, Application No. PCT/US2020/044472).

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