Student Spotlight - Mohamad Al Nashar

Posted: May 12, 2020

Where is your hometown?

“I moved a lot as I was growing up, so it is hard to define what a hometown is. I grew up and spent most of my childhood in Dubai, UAE. Afterwards, I moved to my parents’ hometown Damascus, Syria, for a couple of years. Currently, I live in Akron, OH, and it has been 6 remarkable years.”

What is your area of study and what made you pursue it?

“My area of study is mechanical engineering. I am pursuing this major because I enjoy physics and problem solving. Mechanical engineering is a broad field and has a lot of opportunities to grow.”

What brought you to Ohio State?

“Ohio State University is a huge school and has a lot of opportunities. It also has the best engineering program in Ohio, and it is close to home!”

What do you like most about the major and opportunities OSU allows?

“I like the diversity of the opportunities OSU provides. There are opportunities for a lot of specializations and interests, whether you are looking for a specialized course (technical elective) or a specific research area.”

What is the best class you have taken so far and why?

“Computer-aided design and manufacturing is one of the best classes I have taken. It provides a lot of practical skills in CAD, machining, additive manufacturing, and drafting that every mechanical engineer should have.”

What advice would you give high school students considering pursuing engineering as a major?

“In general, if you like physics, math and problem solving; then go for it. It is fun and rewarding, especially if you work hard. Follow your passion and do not pay attention to the noise."

What is an important decision you made during your time at MAE?

“One of the most important decisions I made during my time at MAE is applying for the BS/MS program. I wanted to have this extra knowledge and skillset when I go to the industry, so I made the decision of pursuing the grad school. This required me to complete an honor's undergraduate research. So I started my undergrad research summer 2019 researching in design and simulation of architected materials alongside my advisor Professor Sutradhar. I never regretted the time I invested doing my undergrad research. By the time I finished my undergrad thesis, I have accumulated so much skills and knowledge that could not be acquired in classrooms. Towards the end of my undergrad research, I was awarded a DAGSI fellowship for my Master’s. Starting summer 2020, I will begin my grad research project in topology optimization of integrated mechanical and electromagnetic designs. This is an opportunity I could not see back when I started my undergrad research, but things can move quickly in life and doors can open when it is not expected. “

What was your favorite activity to do as a kid?

“My favorite activity as a kid was biking. It gave me the freedom to wander around. Also, it was quite the only transportation method for kids in the neighborhood!”


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