Ohio State professor to co-coordinate new non-classical particle transport research

Posted: December 3, 2019

Richard Vasques, an Ohio State professor of the Nuclear Engineering Graduate Program, is co-coordinating a research collaboration with Rio de Janeiro State University’s professor Ricardo Carvalho de Barros to study non-classical particle transport.

This research collaboration is funded by the Brazilian Ministry of Education through the CAPES-Print program, aiming to stimulate the international cooperation with Brazilian Universities.

The goal of the study is to create accurate and efficient computer simulations of non-classical transport using Vasques’ non-classical generalized linear Boltzmann equation as the mathematical model.

Official logo of the project.
Official logo of the project.

This research will have a significant impact in several applications in the areas of nuclear engineering, atmospheric sciences, and computer-generated imagery (CGI), to name a few.

The Rio de Janeiro State team is already recognized for its significant contributions towards research on computational models of classical transport, and is now looking to make important contributions in the area of non-classical transport.

The Ohio state faculty and students contributing are:

Richard Vasques (coordinator)

Japan Patel (Postdoc, participant)

John Kuczek (PhD student, participant)

Robert Palmer (PhD student, participant)

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