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American Society of Mechanical Engineers scholarship will support PhD candidate’s gas turbine research

Mechanical engineering graduate student Arif Hossain’s recognition continues for his research on innovative cooling architectures for next-generation gas turbine engines.

HossainHossainIn addition to a Young Investigator Award bestowed in June 2018, Hossain has received the 2018-2019 Student Scholarship from American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) in support of his education. The $2000 funding was awarded by ASME’s Gas Turbine Segment and its Gas Turbine Institute’s Honors & Awards Program.

The innovative research project, part of Hossain’s dissertation work, utilizes additive manufacturing techniques in the design and testing of gas turbine cooling methods.

“Our research group has strived to improve advanced cooling architectures for next-generation gas turbine engines, which I have played an active role in as well,” said Hossain. “I want to make a small but significant impact on turbine design and to contribute to the knowledge of the gas turbine community with my research and leadership.”

Hossain is grateful for the opportunities the scholarship will afford him. “I would like to thank ASME and Ohio State for giving me an amazing opportunity to pursue my research,” he said.

Hossain is advised by Professor Jeffrey Bons, director of the Turbine Aerothermodynamics Lab at the College of Engineering’s Aerospace Research Center.