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New nuclear engineering textbook edited by faculty member

Professor Tunc Aldemir from the department’s Nuclear Engineering Program is editor of a new book entitled Advanced Concept Nuclear Energy Risk Assessment & Management with World Scientific Publishing.

Aldemir's edited bookThe book is targeted for use by researchers and practicing nuclear engineers and contains chapters authored by investigators on advanced concepts in nuclear energy risk assessment and management. As an internationally-recognized contributor to the field of dynamic probabilistic assessment research, Ohio State’s related work is reflected in four of the publication’s chapters.

Aldemir describes that the book “is the only comprehensive reference on these advanced concepts, which are coming more into focus with the move in the international nuclear engineering community to use passive safety features and digital instrumentation and control systems in nuclear reactors.”

Three classes at Ohio State will utilize the book. It will be used as reference in NUCLREN 6716 Probabilistic Reliability and Safety Analysis and NUCLEREN 7777 Risk and Reliability for Digital Instrumentation and Control Systems, and as a recommended text in NUCLREN 8717 Dynamic Probabilistic Risk Assessment.

The book was released in April in Singapore and will be available in the United States in June. It is the first of a three-volume series Modern Nuclear Energy Analysis Methods (T. Aldemir, S. A. Arndt, Eds.).

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