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Harne publishes new textbook on bistable structural dynamics

Ryan L. HarneRyan L. HarneIn recent years, there has been an increase of engineering applications that involve dynamic systems that may switch between two or more behaviors, such as the calm vibration or energetic flutter of slender aircraft structures.

To delve deeper into these technical areas, Ryan L. Harne, assistant professor of mechanical and aerospace engineering, has published the new textbook, Harnessing Bistable Structural Dynamics: For Vibration Control, Energy Harvesting and Sensing.  

“Bistable structures, for instance a buckled business card between your fingers, are a prime example of a system with multiple dynamic responses. These structures are found in many engineering applications either by plan or in consequence to the working environment,” said Harne.

His book, published by Wiley, provides readers with a comprehensive and accessible understanding of how harnessing the dynamics of bistable structures may enhance the technical fields of noise and vibration control, energy harvesting and capture, and sensor development. By utilizing numerous case studies throughout the textbook, Harne delivers pioneering applied insights.

“This textbook is the first resource for researchers to draw from to analyze these strongly nonlinear dynamics. An emphasis on applications throughout the book helps to tie the theory to its deployment in meaningful contexts," Harne shared.

Harnessing Bistable Structural Dynamics: For Vibration Control, Energy Harvesting and Sensing is a one-source reference for researchers and engineering professionals interested in learning more about advancements in these areas of understanding. The textbook is coauthored by Kon-Well Wang, chair and professor of the Department of Mechanical Engineering at the University of Michigan.

After graduating with his bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral degrees in mechanical engineering from Virginia Tech, Harne was mentored by Wang at the University of Michigan. As a postdoctoral research fellow in the Structural Dynamics and Control Lab, Harne's work focused on creating adaptive structures with multifunctionalities, such as tunable mechanical properties and shape, and on establishing methods for analyzing the nonlinear dynamics of structural systems.

This new textbook directly supports Harne’s current role as director of Ohio State’s Laboratory of Sound and Vibration Research (LSVR). Today, he works with his team of student researchers to make fundamental and impactful discoveries that will improve applications throughout the fields of vibrations, acoustics, mechanics and nonlinear dynamics. The subjects of the textbook are foundational to several research initiatives currently taking place at the LSVR.

For the complete description of Harne’s textbook and to order online, visit the Wiley website.