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Astrobucks travel to Johnson Space Center

Four aerospace engineering students from the Ohio State University traveled to the Johnson Space Center in Houston to test a new technique for extracting oxygen from lunar soil. The students conducted the experiments while flying aboard NASA's C-9 aircraft. The aircraft's flight simulates lunar gravity.

WOSU produces iMix for Ohio State to air on the Big Ten Network and to air on WOSU TV. iMix (Interactive Mixed Media) features a fast-paced television magazine format. The show is produced by WOSU Public Media, and licensed by The Ohio State University.

Hosted by Chris Forbes, May's episode will explore the relationship between The Ohio State University and NASA. Ohio State Alum Diana Blaney explains the Mars Rover project and the collaboration with Ohio State’s Mapping and GIS Laboratory led by Professor Ron Li. Also featured are Ohio State aerospace engineering students conducting experiments in zero gravity aboard NASA’s “Weightless Wonder,” and Ohio State’s work on a Lunar GPS-like system to be used by astronauts on the moon. Last, the episode features a web project, Synchronous Objects for One Flat Thing, reproduced, which world-renowned choreographer William Forsythe developed at Ohio State in collaboration with the Department of Dance and Advanced Computing Center for the Arts and Design (ACCAD).