Alumni News

Posted: December 11, 2001

Alumnus Dr. Yi-Hsin Pao was inducted as an ASME Fellow and received ASME's Best Paper Award in November 2001. Dr. Pao received his Ph.D. in Spring 1988 from the Department of Engineering Mechanics at The Ohio State University and joined the Ford Research Laboratory shortly thereafter. Dr. Pao developed the automotive industry's first Computer-Aided Interconnect Reliability (CAIR) for which he received the Henry Ford Technology Award in 1997. For his outstanding achievements since graduation, Dr. Pao was awarded Ohio State College of Engineering's Distinguished Alumnus Award in 1999. After completing his Executive MBA in 1999 from Michigan State University, Dr. Pao took over as Manager of the Materials Engineering Division at Visteon Automotive Systems in Dearborn, Michigan. In June 2000, Dr. Pao moved back to Ford Motor Company in Allen Park, Michigan. In his current capacity as Manager of Quality Initiatives for Ford's Vehicle Operations Quality Office (VOQO), Dr. Pao is responsible for developing and implementing quality control strategies in Ford's North American assembly and stamping plants.

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