Non-Equilibrium Thermodynamics Laboratory

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This laboratory, centered in the Department of Mechanical Engineering at The Ohio State University, is led by Igor Adamovich and J. William Rich. It has developed into a major center for experimental and theoretical research into fluids with substantial thermal mode and/or chemical disequilibrium, with an emphasis on aerospace and industrial applications, such as high-speed flow control, plasma-assisted combustion, molecular gas lasers, and plasma material processing.

The focus of the laboratory is on the physics of engineering environments such as electric discharges in gases, high temperature gas dynamic flows, gas lasers, and plasma chemical reactors. The work of the laboratory spans very basic studies of molecular energy transfer and chemical kinetics to the development of novel plasma chemical processes, special purpose gas lasers, and predictive models for the flow around aerospace vehicles. Emphasis is on collision-dominated, high density systems with vibrational and electronic mode disequilibrium.

Several recent presentations below summarize some of key research areas at NETL:


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Michael A. Chaszeyka

Michael A. Chaszeyka

Michael A. Chaszeyka (1920-2008)

OSU class of 1942 (Mechanical Engineering)

In recognition of Mr. Chaszeyka's generous support of the Nonequilibrium Thermodynamics Laboratory, the lab was named after him in 2007

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