The Nonlinear Dynamics and Vibration Laboratory

The Nonlinear Dynamics and Vibration Laboratory (NDVL) researches system identification and structural health monitoring in nonlinear systems, nonlinear feedback control for enhanced sensitivity in damage detection and sensing, analyzing the dynamics of nonlinear piecewise-linear systems, bifurcation forecasting, and turbomachinery modeling and analysis. The two key research thrusts are (1) the creation of techniques to efficiently model, analyze, and exploit nonlinearity, and (2) the analysis of complex high-dimensional cyclic structures found in turbomachinery. To aid in the analysis and experimentation of turbomachinery the NDVL is partnered with the Gas Turbine Laboratory (GTL) at The Ohio State University. The work at the GTL focuses on full scale industrial turbomachinery operating at engine speeds. The NDVL is focused on more fundamental research such as creating tools for analyzing and exploiting nonlinear dynamics, with the goal of investigating some of these tools in the GTL with industrial hardware to accelerate industrial partners’ usage of these tools. The research that is being conducted can be broken into general nonlinear dynamics and structural dynamics of turbomachinery.


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