Movement Lab

We are interested in understanding the movement of things: humans, other animals, and machines.

Some central scientific questions are: Why do animals move the way they do? And how do they do it so well? We are interested in obtaining a simple and tractable, yet complete, theory of legged locomotion and sensorimotor control in humans and other animals -- a theory that will reliably predict how an animal will act in a novel situation (say, humans on the moon), how the animal will respond to perturbations (say, stepping on a banana peel), or how we should design better wearable robotics such as robotic prostheses and exoskeletons and other biomechatronic assistive devices. We use a mixture of mathematics, modeling, computation, and experiments. 

The Movement Lab is located within the Department of Mechanical Engineering at the Ohio State University and is led by Manoj Srinivasan.

A few years ago, we hosted the Dynamic Walking Conference (2015) at Ohio State


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Movement Lab

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