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Michael J. Moran Symposium

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Michael J. Moran Symposium Friday, April 5th Scott Laboratory E141

In commemoration of the esteemed Michael J. Moran (September 1, 1939 – November 7, 2022), distinguished Professor in the Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering department at The Ohio State University, we cordially invite you to a one-day symposium scheduled for April 5, 2024. This special occasion is dedicated to honoring the extraordinary contributions and lasting impact of Professor Moran in the realm of thermal sciences and engineering education.

We are curating an array of distinguished speakers to present insightful lectures, shedding light on the profound influence Prof. Moran has had on our field. It would be an honor to extend an invitation to you as a featured speaker, offering a platform for you to share your latest research findings in thermal science, engineering education, or related domains. Your active participation would not only enhance the success of this event but also stand as a poignant tribute to the enduring legacy of Professor Moran.

Mike Moran

Points of Pride

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Points of Pride

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Welcome - Coffee and Bagels 8:20am -  8:40 am
Opening Session - Moderator Joseph Heremans  

Opening Remarks -

MAE Chair Rob Siston 

Family and Friends

Ms. L Moran and Prof Enrico Sciubba

8:40am -  9:05am
Session #1 - Moderator Joseph Heremans  

Engineering Thermodynamics Textbook Development:

Dr. Shapiro, Dr. Boettner, Dr. Bailey

9:00 am - 9:30 am
Daisie Boettner  9:35 am - 10:05 am
Howard N. Shapiro  10:05am - 10:35am
Coffee Break  10:35am - 10:50am
Session #2 - Moderator Marcello Canova  

Xiulin Ruan, Purdue University

10:50am - 11:20 am 
Shang Zhai, Ohio State 11:20am - 11:45am
Andrea Felicelli, Student. Purdue University 11:45am - 12:05pm

Break for Lunch

12:05 - 1:30 pm
Session #3 - Moderator Jung-Hyun Kim  
Ying Sun, University of Cincinnati 1:30pm - 2:00pm
Jennifer Lukes, University of Pennsylvania  2:00pm - 2:30 pm

Min Young Kim, Ohio State

2:30pm - 2:50pm 

Shannon Yee, Georgia Tech

2:50pm - 3:20ppm
Coffee Break  3:20 pm - 3:35 pm
Session #4 - Moderator Sandip Mazumder  

Stephanie Stockar, Ohio State

3:35pm - 4:00pm

Yanzhou Ji, Ohio State

4:00pm - 4:25pm

Jordan Kocher, Georgia Tech

4:25pm - 4:45pm

Closing Remarks - Sandip Mazumder 4:45pm - 4:50 pm

Presentation Topics

Presentation Topics