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Automated Driving Lab: Information for New Applicants

Information for New Applicants

Information for New Applicants and for Graduate Students Interested in ADL

We receive a very large number of inquiries by e-mail every year from students who are applying to graduate school at the Ohio State University. Due to the large number, it is impossible for us to reply to all of these e-mail inquiries. If you are interested in working with Prof. Bilin Aksun-Guvenc and Prof. Levent Guvenc, please apply to the Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering with Advanced Automotive Systems as your highest priority. If you are applying to the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering department and are interested in working with Prof. Levent Guvenc, choose controls or ITS/robotics as your highest priority. Once you start attending the Ohio State University, you are welcome to make an appointment and visit the Automated Driving Lab. We advise interested students to take at least one semester of courses before contacting us.

Please note that GRA funding is usually reserved and used for top PhD graduate students only. It is very rare for an MS program gradute sudent to receive a GRA position. All graduate students can apply for GTA positions. However, note that there are very few GTA positions available in the departments.

We have several interesting research topics for highly motivated and hard working MS students who are self-funded. Please contact Prof. Bilin Aksun-Guvenc (MAE) and Prof. Levent Guvenc (MAE and ECE) to discuss possible MS thesis and project topics related to autonomous vehicles.