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Welcome to Integrated Material Systems Lab in the Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering. This lab focuses on creating materials system via the integration of one or more smart materials by leveraging their functional properties at a fundamental lengthscale. The integrated material systems are applicable as programmable structures that resemble life using ion transport, coupled mechanics and electron transport. The materials framework to realize this vision is inspired by multifunctionality and distributed processes in nature that function together as a system. 

A notable list of research products and prototypes include:

  • Ionic redox transistors (a membrane that behaves like an ionic switch)
  • Reversible shutdown membrane separator for Li-ion battery
  • High-C rate charge/discharge batteries
  • Spatially distributed actuation platforms and programmable materials
  • Thermoelectric processing of ionomers for strong lightweight structural polymers (1.5Ey)
  • Neuromorphic structural materials
  • Implantable neural-electronic interfaces
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This research supports The Ohio State University's research mission under the following discovery themes -  

  • Materials and Manufacturing for Sustainability
  • Health and Wellness
  • Energy and Environment

We acknowledge the support from our sponsors for various ongoing projects. 

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Prof. Sundaresan is currently a program manager in the Defense Sciences Office in Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency. He is not accepting new students into his group.