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How to find a Research Advisor and Topic

Undergraduate research is one of the opportunties that students can pursue to complement their coursework. Why pursue undergraduate research?

  • It is an opportuntity to apply coursework to an engineering problem.
  • It is an opportunity to explore a specialization within mechanical engineering.
  • You distinguish yourself from your peers.
  • Being involved with research as an undergraduate is an excellent way to help prepare you for graduate school - and make you a more competitive applicant.
  • It can be a rewarding and fun experience!

Although many students are involved with undergraduate research through the ME Honors Research Program, you do not need to be an honors student to be involved in research as an undergraduate!

How to Find Undergraduate Research/Honors Opportunities

  1.  Speak with your faculty advisor about your interest in undergraduate research!
  2. What instructors did you enjoy learning from?  What classes did you find interesting?  These instructors may already have research projects defined that would be appropriate for undergraduate work. 
  3. Check the "Potential Undergraduate Research Project List".  Even if you are not an honors student, this pre-developed list of potential research projects and advisors is a way to identify some topics that are of interest to you and some faculty who are interested in working with undergraduates. 
  4. Is there a topic in which you've developed an interest?  If so, you could propose a research idea to a faculty member associated with your area of interest.