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How to Apply


Applications must be completed by the appropriate deadline below.

Spring Semester 2017
(General Admission)
Autumn Semester 2016
(For Fellowship Consideration)
Autumn Semester 2016
(General Admission, GTA,
and GRA consideration)

October 1, 2016


November 30, 2015


January 15, 2016


General Information

Applicants can apply to one of three programs, depending on which field they would like to obtain a degree in. Applicants can also apply to more than one program, however an application fee will be required for each application submitted. The three programs available in our department are:

Required Materials

The Ohio State University application for Graduate School is completely online. The following items are required of all applicants unless otherwise noted. All application materials must be submitted electronically unless otherwise noted. The Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering does not accept mailed documents anymore. In the event you need to send something via postal mail, please send it directly to the University Admissions Office for processing. Mailing information is available at

  1. Statement of Intent
  2. Curriculum Vitae
  3. One official scanned transcript (front and back) per institution attended
  4. 3 Letters of Reference
  5. Official GRE scores reported via ETS
  6. Official TOEFL scores reported via ETS (International applicants only; for possible exceptions click here)

Any documents submitted other than the required items above will be discarded from your application as only those required are used in the review process.

Statement of Intent

Your statement of purpose should be no more than two pages in length, in Times New Roman, Arial, or Calibri font, size 10 or 12 font and it should address the following topics:

  • Why do you want to go to grad school?
  • Why are you qualified to go to grad school?
    • Include previous research experience, project teams you've been associated with, jobs you've held, year-long capstone work, other class work, etc.
  • What do you want to do in grad school?
  • Identify faculty members with whom you would possibly like to work with in your graduate studies.
  • What is the reason you want to pursue a graduate degree? What do you want to do after grad school?
  • Do not include "fluff" or filler. You should focus on why you are qualified and what you want to do in graduate school.
  • Include a header in your document with your name and what document you are submitting (ex. Statement of Intent) and page numbers if it is more than 1 page. 

Curriculum Vitae

Your curriculum vitae (CV) should be no more than two pages in length, in Times New Roman, Arial, or Calibri font, size 10 or 12 font and it should address the following topics:

  • Educational information (school name, thesis topic and advisor (if any), GPA summary and ranking)
  • Research/Industrial Experience (research publications, project presentations/conferences, industrial projects and internships, research interest areas)
  • Special skills (programming skills, commercial software, etc.)
  • Department/University Service (if any)
  • Extracurricular Activities


Official scanned copies of transcripts from all post-secondary institutions are required. Transcripts can be uploaded at the time of applying or sent electronically to We cannot review an application for admission without scanned copies of official transcripts.

Ohio State students: Ohio State students are only required to upload transcripts from other institutions attended, if any. Ohio State transcripts will be obtained internally for the review process and do not need to be submitted with your application.

IMPORTANT: If admitted, a final official copy of all transcripts will be required at that time by the Graduate Admissions Office unless one was provided by your school at the time you applied. A hard copy is not required as part of the application process.

3 Letters of Reference

  • Academic sources are highly preferred. These are people such as faculty advisors, professors you have had in class, lecturers, etc.
  • Letters from managers or supervisors is also acceptable but do not carry as much weight as academic sources.
  • Letters from TA’s are not acceptable.
  • Make sure you select individuals who will put the appropriate amount of time and effort into writing a reference letter. Choose individuals who are familiar with you, your work, and with whom you have confidence can write you a strong recommendation.
  • Need to send a reminder or change information for a recommender, please visit for assistance.

GRE and/or TOEFL Scores

The institution code to report GRE and/or TOEFL scores for Ohio State is 1592.

All scores are reported to a central database when submitted to Ohio State. Test scores must be submitted directly to the Graduate Admissions Office for processing by the testing service providing the test. Questions about test score submission can be sent to

Note: For more information about the TOEFL/English Language test requirement, please visit FAQ 14.

Application Status

You can monitor your application status via Please note it can take as many as 5-7 business days for your materials to show up there if you uploaded them at the time of your application.

Updating Your Application Documents

In the event you need to submit updated documents or you need to submit one of the required documents and you did not do so at the time you applied, you can use the Document Uploader through the Graduate Admissions Office.

Add/Update Application Materials