Suggested Math Courses for MAE Graduate Students

Note: Any courses listed below can count towards the Math requirement in Mechanical or Aerospace Engineering. Other courses outside of the list below may count, but please check with a graduate advisor to verify if any course not listed would satisfy the math requirement.

MATH 4512 Applied Partial Differential Equations (for engineers)
MATH 4551 Vector Analysis
MATH 4568 Linear Algebra for Engineering Graduate Students
MATH 4578 Discrete Mathematical Models
MATH 5101 Finite Linear Math
MATH 5102 Infin Linear Math
MATH 5251 Complex Var & App
MATH 5601 Computational PDEs
MATH 5602 Ess Numer Methods
MATH 5801 Gen Topol & Knots
MATH 6411 Ordin Differ Eqs 1
MATH 6451 Part Differ Eqs 1
MATH 6601 Num Meth Sc Comp 1 & 2
MATH 6602 Num Meth Sc Comp 1 & 2
STAT 6301 Probability for Statistical Inference
STAT 6302 Theory of Statistical Analysis
STAT 6801 Statistical Theory I
STAT 6802 Statistical Theory II
ME 6507 Intermediate Numerical Methods
ME 6665

Reliability Engineering I

ME/AE 8518
(AE 8518 was AE 8802 prior to AU2023)

Advanced Analytical Methods in Engineering
ECE 6750 Linear System Theory