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As a graduate student in Aerospace, Mechanical, or Nuclear Engineering you must complete the following actions during the semester you intend to graduate:

  • In order to graduate you must be in good academic standing with a graduate cumulative point hour ratio of at least 3.0.

  • Register and enroll for at least three graduate credit hours during the quarter in which graduation in expected.

    • Note: GA's and Fellows must still register for the minimum number of hours required to maintain their appointment.

  • Submit an Application to Graduate via

  • Submit a Graduation Checkout online no later than the first Friday of the semester in which graduation is expected.

    • After verifying you have met the course requirements for your program and your upon receiving your advisor's approval, we will process your application to graduate by the Graduate School's deadline.

      • Note: Applications to Graduate submitted after the deadline above may not be processed for the current semester.

  • Attend the MAE graduation workshop the first Friday of the semester. Details will be sent to all currently enrolled students at the start of the semester.

  • Check the Graduate School Graduation Calendar for deadlines

  • Submit a Defense Notification prior to your defense.

    • Required of PhD students

    • Optional for MS students

  • Complete the Departmental Exit Survey (Mandatory)

  • Attend the Departmental Exit Meeting

  • Remind your instructors that you are graduating! Final grades for all previous and current courses are due by noon on the Friday of Finals week. 

  • Return ALL keys (lab, building, etc.) to Tim Ruffing in E342 Scott Lab BEFORE you leave campus.

  • If you are using a locker, please remember to clean it out BEFORE you leave campus. After verifying that you have graduated anything remaining in your locker will be thrown away at the start of the next term.

  • When you are writing your Dissertation or Thesis, make sure to refer to the Graduate School's guidelines for those documents. Those guidelines can be found at